Hear what people are saying about WineHug® …

   From Robert Dwyer at The Wellesley Wine Press:

“The Boomer Brief gives the WineHug® FIVE CORKS (our highest rating).”

~ The Boomer Brief, March, 2012

“Unbreakable booze: Tour wine country without worrying about how you’re going to pack your souvenirs. Designed to carry one 750-millimetre bottle, the self-inflatable WineHug® slips easily into a suitcase and has cushiony, hard-to-rupture nylon that guards against breaks, spills and seepage. It can also double as a carrier for large bottles of olive oil or vinegar.”

~ The Globe and Mail, June 15, 2011

“Since TSA started limiting liquids through security, it has been more difficult to bring wines and spirits from foreign countries. I used to hand carry a case of wine, but no more. Putting wine in checked baggage presents lots of dangers for broken bottles. There are a few expensive foam lined luggage cases for wine but the Winehug is the first inexpensive design that provides protection using traditional checked luggage.”
~ Wine Enthusiast customer

“Nice product-used it to bring a bottle on wine onto a cruise ship-inside my luggage w/o a problem. Store(d) a bottle of vodka-750ml-but long stem-grey goose-the bottle size fit very well. again in the luggage-but this time flew from san juan to boston w/o a problem. we all know how gentle the airlines are with our luggage…..”
~ Amazon.com customer

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